Welcome to Birdsong Botanic Garden


In 1978 Frank and Susan purchased three acres in Elfin Forest, CA. Frank began with “park plants” to create quick shade and greenery. When he retired Frank began to create his vision of a garden paradise . . . a place where we could stop and smell the flowers and reconnect with the earth.

In transition since 1995, the garden has become a collection of artistically designed environments using a huge plant palette of trees for shade and multiple layers of protective canopy, shrubs to create backdrops and privacy, succulents, cactus, palms, yuccas, cycads, winter and spring bulbs, roses, fruit trees, a vegetable garden, and more. There are exemplars of plants from Mediterranean climates around the world. In each of the outdoor ‘rooms’ are tranquil sitting areas, many water features, and a variety of whimsical art.

Group and individual visits to this private garden may be arranged through:  soddo@earthlink.net   

“You’re only here for a short visit. Be sure to stop and smell the flowers.”
A Mediterranean Botanical Garden